Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Renato Carosone e il suo quartetto - In un mercato persiano

*Fantastic Italian Latin Jazz Mambo from 1956, Pathe Records.

Renato Carosone was born in Naples on January 3, 1920 He is known as a symbol of the "Canzone Napoletana" in the world He made the whole world sing dance have fun dream to fall in love with his innate good humor and his music, including China

A amazing and passionate Naples characterized his youth A Naples full of laughter and poetry is controlled by irony and comedy, where everything is between dream world and reality

After visiting Italy, Goethe once said, "Naples is a place where everyone lives in an exciting oblivion

Carosone do not hesitate to show his genuine passion for music and especially his love for the piano with many sacrifices his parents indulge him in his passion and have him study with real "Darling" by Vincenzo Romaniello Celeste Capuana ochAlberThu Curci When his mother dies prematurely Renato (the eldest of three) helps his father run the household by doing all kinds of odd jobs

He forms the first Carosone "Trio" with his brother and sister, his relatives, neighbors and colleagues are very avid

As the years go by Renato at that time is a seventeen-year-old goes to Africa with an artistic company artists as pianist and orchestra director